Contact info and Hours of Operation


5689 Loveland Rd Jefferson,
Ohio 44047

Phone Number

(440) 293-8199
(330) 717-5419

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To place an order call (330) 717-5419 or (440) 293-8199. You may also submit your request with a return phone number in the above comment area and a representative will contact you either via phone or email within 24 hours. Order shipped within 72 hours.
Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Accepted.

Winter Hours December 1st - February 1st

Monday-Thursday 11am to 7pm.
Friday and Saturday 11am to 9pm.
Closed on Sundays.

Closed during the following days:

Closed December 25, 2022 through January 1st, 2023

Reopens January 2. 2023